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Team Building experiences 1 different Dalat

Created with Sketch. Tuyen Lam Lake, Ward 4, Dalat, Lam Dong, Vietnam
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2 days 1 night

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200 people

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English, Vietnamese


  • New energy comes to youth
  • New dynamism comes to experiences
  • Competence is overflowing with teamwork activities.
  • High productivity to get high results in all areas

Join Dala in the Team Building program that brings new energy to reach.

New experiences associated with nature Dalat increase solidarity by many activities between nature and atmosphere of Dalat. Surely the new experiences are very interesting.

When in a lush green atmosphere, in the midst of immense nature with green pines, mountains and hills and a really Chill view by the lake, everyone All members, there will be truly relaxing moments TOGETHER.

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Day 1: Young activities!
Day 1: Young activities!

Dala Pick you up at the meeting place or you gather at 158 ​​Bui Thi Xuan (Dala Hotel). Then the car will take the group to move to the location.

Join the dynamic young Team Building program. Immerse yourself with nature, experience between mountains and the vast lake. Set up a team to discover the most beautiful, rustic nature of Dalat

Start the day with energy

The game starts up team formation

Game unity. Rowing a 2km obstacle course

The game focuses on Maple Leaf Forest

• Teammate
• Tank
• Train in fog
• I need I need (agility combined judgment)
Decrypt the treasure hunt

Prizes given by Dala Travel and gifts to teams.
Have lunch at the restaurant of Maple leaf forest to immerse in the green natural atmosphere

Rest and explore the Leaf Phong forest ecosystem or pick seasonal fruits

Come to the camping area you can admire the beauty here

Join the camping program

Let's experience building a tent together

Get dried sticks and prepare the steak for dinner

Get dried sticks and prepare the steak for dinner

Join a camping program with the most different experiences.

Let's experience building a tent together.

Get dried sticks and prepare the steak for dinner

Dinner snacks: Bread, butter, sugar, coffee ...

Everyone together to enjoy the dinner buffet and save the unique images at the best-decorated and decorated central dining area

BBQ food (Roast beef, Grilled chicken, Lemongrass pork, Shrimp satay, Salad with vinegar, dessert fruit, grilled chicken rice) ...

Enjoy Can Wine or Dalat Wine in the cold weather of the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands

Join together in the campfire program and based on the following activities carefully prepared by Dala Travel:

Declare the reason for the campfire night

The ritual of making a fire (the representative of the customer)

Song Linking Big Bracelets

Game 1: Campfire circle (Purpose to connect the members of the union together)

Game 2: Grouping by game manager (Solidarity game: group 4, group ... Purpose team play), I need it (I tell me)
- Game feet
- The ass
- Number of people remaining
- The longest team
- Pairing
Game 3: Puzzle game

Game 4: Quick and quick (the song starts and there will be any stop at a certain position, stopping at any position will be fined)

Game 5: The longest game to count numbers (Counting numbers in order 1,2,3…).
Includes: Game, campfire, Sound, light, smoke, professional campfire

People go to bed early to wake up in the morning somewhere far

Day 2: Discover New Days.
Day 2: Discover New Days.

Wake up together

Personal hygiene

Let's welcome the dawn together in the deserted street

Cloud hunting save beautiful pictures

Focus on campsite

Have a nice breakfast with Noodle in the middle of pine forest or Bread, butter, sugar

Enjoy morning coffee or hot tea with friends

Gather the tents, collect the trash and go on the journey together

Move by motorboat to the parking lot

Ending an exciting new experience and many new things in Dalat with Dalatravel


  • Tour guide throughout the program.
  • Team building programs, camping programs and campfires
  • Shuttle car, boat in the program.
  • Drinking water and Wine needed
  • Tents, sleeping bags, pillows, carpets.
  • Eat 3 meals: Lunch, BBQ dinner (Grilled Chicken, Salt and Pepper Grilled Pork, Five Spice Ribs, Mixed Salad, Chicken Porridge) and Breakfast.
  • Generators for group activities (phone charger, light, ...).
  • Travel insurance


  • Other costs out of program.
  • You maintain your personal belongings in the journey.
  • Do not go more than 200m from the camping area, if there is a problem you will be entirely responsible.
  • VAT 10%


  • Wear windbreakers or warm clothes to participate in some outdoor activities to keep your body warm.
  • Prepare a flashlight for your personal activities at night.

Tour's Location

Created with Sketch. Tuyen Lam Lake, Ward 4, Dalat, Lam Dong, Vietnam


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