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Trekking Ta Nang – Phan Dung 3 Days 2 nights

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3 days 2 nights

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Ta Nang – Phan Dung is known as the most beautiful trekking road in Vietnam, linking Ta Nang (Lam Dong) to Phan Dung (Binh Thuan).

This road has a total length of about 55km, surrounded by forests, mountains and wild, beautiful streams. However, when conquering this road, the traveler not only needs to be physically fit, but also has to be fully equipped with survival skills, respect for nature and weather response.


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Day 1: Ta Nang - Warm-up
Day 1: Ta Nang - Warm-up

Car and tour guide pick you up at the meeting point (Gathered at Dala hotel at 158 ​​Bui Thi Xuan, ward 8, Da Lat city) or downtown Dalat and start the program to move to the commune Ta Nang started the trekking program of the delegation. If you take the bus from Ho Chi Minh City - Dalat, you will pick up at:

Duc Trong District Bus Station, Lam Dong Province

Thanh Buoi bus station and Phuong Trang bus station, Duc Trong district, Lam Dong province

Go to the place to gather breakfast and prepare food for the whole group's journey

Local breakfast and coffee

The tour guide informs what luggage to bring

Prepare the food for the whole group

After breakfast the whole group moved to the starting location (Forest Cover).

Starting and starting the Ta Nang trekking

Dala trvel will give you a walking stick to make your trip safer

Provides you with 0.5 liter of water and 1 bottle of Pocari ion supplementation water

The first square has 4 km of pretty road, convenient for moving as well as creating an adaptation for you when participating in the program

Have lunch at the pine hill with a picnic.




Damn it

Cucumber and Tomato

Continue the journey to conquer the high hills here to come to Ta Nang grass hill

Together admire the beauty here and save beautiful pictures forever

Conquer the landmark Ta Nang - Phan Dung, mark that we have arrived here

Go to the campsite in the best location

Join tent building activities

Cooking fire operation

Pick up the sunset together in a deserted street, where there is no smoke and dust in the city, where there is no phone signal.
Salt and pepper grilled chicken

Roast pork

Grilled shrimp with chili pepper sauce


Serve with hot chicken porridge

Dessert fruit

Roasted sweet potato, corn

Sip a glass of wine by an embers red fire

Day 2: The jungle comes to the village
Day 2: The jungle comes to the village

The tour guide informs the whole group to welcome the dawn on the grass hill

Personal hygiene

Enjoy a hot cup of coffee

Prepare for breakfast with cup noodles and sausage

Start and get ready to move. During the journey, guests can take their own pictures, which is the joy of trekking on the most beautiful street

Overcoming bamboo hills, bamboo forests of Phan Dung mountains

Together admire the beauty of the majestic Yaly waterfall

Rest at the big stream and prepare for lunch


Damn it

Cucumber and tomato


Start moving through the streams to reach the campsite

15: 30-16: 00
will come to the last big stream campsite on the show. The campsite is right next to the big stream where you can comfortably bathe and cook and fish for dinner!

You will eat rice with familiar dishes like

Braised pork eggs

Sour snakehead fish soup

Boiled vegetables

Stream fish, stream frog

Here you can buy the village elder's soft drinks and fruit.

Day 3: Return date!
Day 3: Return date!

The tour guide informs the whole group to welcome the dawn on the grass hill

Personal hygiene

Enjoy a cup of hot coffee or a cup of warm coffee or a cup of warm tea by the stream of gurgling

Start moving to Phan Dung commune. Crossing the forest with deciduous leaves in the dry season, with a carpet of leaves and a cool green forest in the rainy season

Experience the typical sandy road of Binh Thuan province, full of sunshine and wind

Rest and lunch at ranger station

Use rice or sticky rice for a snack

Mineral water

Continue the journey with the last 6km.

Ending the Trekking program at Phan Dung Commune, marking a breakthrough of myself has undergone 45km of trekking road organized by dala travel.
Dala travel car will take you to Lien Huong Town, Tuy Phong District, Binh Thuan Province. End the journey

You can exchange with HDV to share moments and joy in the past journey

Moving back to Saigon, there will be Dong Hung and Phuong Uyen cars running at fixed hours

Dala Travel will support booking tickets in advance and contact the car to Dalat if you have a need


  • All expenses for moving by car in / out of the forest
  • Full cost of eating / drinking. whole tents, sleeping bags
  • Navigation charges
  • Medical instruments
  • Tents, sleeping bags, 01 person / sleeping bag, 03 people / tent
  • Travel insurance


  • Costs incurred.
  • Hire more porter.
  • Tax.


  • Vehicles moving from TP. Ho Chi Minh City to Duc Trong has 2 main car terminals, namely Phuong Trang or Thanh Buoi.
  • After leaving the door of Phan Dung forest, Dala Travel will support the shuttle bus from Phan Dung to Lien Huong to finish the journey.
  • In Lien Huong town, there will be Dong Hung garage (phone number 02523 950 950), and Phuong Uyen cars (phone number 02523 850 954). = & gt; Please remember to book early in case of out of tickets.
  • - Personal hygiene equipment, insect repellent, personal medicine, wind oil, warm, long-sleeved clothing, socks, gloves, hiking shoes or sports shoes, raincoats, hats, walking sandals in the evening. (Only bring a few clothes to make the luggage as compact as possible).
  • A plastic bag holds electronics in case of rain or moisture.
  • Shoes: good grip, no leather shoes.
  • Do not use drawstring type backpack. Guests are healthy to join the program, with no history of cardiovascular disease, blood pressure.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to participate.
  • No show on departure date: 100% of deposit will be lost
  • Cancellation of tour within 3 days before departure: Loss of 100% of deposit value
  • Cancellation of tour within 3 to 5 days before departure date: Loss of 50% of deposit value

Tour's Location

Created with Sketch. Tour Trekking Ta Nang - Phan Dung, Ta Nang, Duc Trong District, Lam Dong, Vietnam
Created with Sketch.
from 2.805.000đ /person

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